This Blog is No Longer Is Active

I see that one of my followers from my other website has stumbled upon this website. Well I want to express that this blog is no longer supported by me. My views expressed in the single article that I left posted on here isn’t how I feel exactly anymore. As you can see back in 2013 I was active in politics. I was a Ron Paul Delegate and went to the Republican State Convention in 2011. Thus my views expressed in that article were a reflection of my past beliefs.

I choose to keep the article posted because its a friendly reminder of a time that I really find interesting. It reminds me how much I’ve changed, I was more politically active in my earlier days, but eventually I learned the futility of the two party system and decided to serve my nation through other means.

Do I have the same views? Not entirely, some of them I do. I’m more compassionate and less argumentative than I was before. I’m more spiritually focused and more inclined to accept other’s beliefs and ideas. I don’t go looking for a fight anymore, I was very confrontational back in my political days.

So thanks for stumbling upon my old article and giving me an excuse to write for this blog once again 😀



The Hidden Agenda of Demand A Plan Campaign

Demand A Plan is a national campaign advocating the need for more gun control in order to reduce gun violence. The campaign is being funded and supported by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition. This coalition was founded by Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino and New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg on April 25, 2006 during a summit they were hosting at the Gracie Mansion in New York City.

Following the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, the Demand A Plan campaign used this tragic incident as a precursor to arouse public outcry so that draconian gun laws could be legislated at the Federal Government. With the help of some famous celebrities and a substantial capital investment; they have started an aggressive internet, YouTube and TV campaign.

When visiting the Demand A Plan website they immediately request you to take the time to watch their YouTube Video and sign a petition that lists these three goals:

  1. Renew the Assault Weapon Ban that expired in 2004 and ban high-capacity magazines.
  2. Require every gun buyer to pass a criminal background check.
  3. Make Gun Trafficking a Federal Crime.

As is ever prevalent in politics of today, the campaign’s true agenda is hidden. When you go to the Issues section of the campaign’s website you discover these additional four goals:

  1. Appoint an ATF director – by recess appointment if necessary.
  2. Prosecute prohibited gun purchasers who ignore the law and try to buy guns, ammunition or high-capacity magazines.
  3. Require federal agencies to report records to NICS.
  4. Repeal the remaining Tiahrt restrictions.

As if that isn’t enough, all seven goals have paragraph long explanations that incorporate drastic gun control regulations. Let’s examine their statements and shed some light on them.

They justify outlawing assault weapons and high-capacity magazines because “They are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly and they have no other use in civilian hands.” and “even people with criminal records, or with serious mental illness, can and do buy assault weapons from unlicensed private sellers who don’t conduct background checks.” Anyone who’s followed gun control legislation in the past will immediately recognize the rebranding of the term “assault weapons”. This definition was invented by anti-gun advocates as a way of blurring the distinction between military-style semiautomatic (which fire one round per pull) and selective-fire assault rifles (which can fire rounds continuously).

What gun control advocates fail to understand is that our 2nd amendment was given to us as a last-ditch effort to protect the American people from the government. Let’s not forget that the DOJ failed to prove that the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban worked.

When it comes to private sales of these assault weapons it’s a common practice to have the buyer sign a Bill of Sale stating he doesn’t have a criminal record, when B/S is signed the seller checks to make sure the buyer isn’t a felon and then asks to see a Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase. This isn’t required by law, but 99% transaction are performed this way. Enacting a law will not change anything because criminals don’t follow the law.

They also want federal law to require every gun buyer to pass a background check because “Almost 6.5 million guns are sold each year in the U.S. by unlicensed private sellers, including online and at gun shows. That means that between 40% and 50% of gun sales may take place with no background check for the buyer.” According to them passing The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011 will fix the problem. Nothing could farther from the truth for five good reasons:

  1. It’s already a universally accepted practice by gun sellers to check the criminal history of anyone purchasing a weapon at a gun show or during a private transaction.
  2. What the gun control advocates are really looking to accomplish is to require private transactions to be screened by the NICS so that the weapons can be tracked. They want all background checks to go through the NICS so that there is some sort of record.
  3. They claim the loose regulations surrounding private sales is the reason for gun violence, while all together ignoring the government’s influence in gun violence from the Fast and Furious Scandal.
  4. The Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011 isn’t going to close this loophole, but instead will result in stricter gun control by enacting ridiculous laws.
  5. Illegal firearm sales are going to remain traceless because they keep using cash transaction to avoid a paper trail, so the passing of this bill will not affect them.

Their goal of making Gun Trafficking a Federal Crime is ALREADY a crime. What they really want to accomplish is harsher punishments for anyone participating in these sales. They say the current law “simply isn’t strong enough to shut down trafficking networks and keep illegal guns off our streets. As a result, according to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, U.S. Attorneys decline to prosecute 25 percent of those cases while declining only 9 percent of drug conspiracy cases.” The law isn’t strong enough? Well considering a man was sentenced five years to Federal Prison for possessing a rifle, I honestly believe they don’t need to be harsher.

Granted, this man was an danger and had in fact physically abused his passenger, justified taking the rifle. What I don’t like is the fact that we the taxpayers have to pay for his 5 year stay in prison for having a rifle, especially when he’ll have nearly a 50% chance of ending up back in prison. The type of control they are looking for is to prevent these types of people from being able to get a weapon. The truth is micromanaging the gun industry to their desired level will not halt the sale of illegal weapons, anymore than prohibition stopped the sale of alcohol. This will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms.

Demand a Plan also wants to appoint a Director of ATF because “Its budget is languished compared to other federal agencies, leaving it with far too few resources to enforce existing gun laws. During those years, an estimated 72,000 Americans have been murdered with guns.” What these “spend all the money we have” liberals fail to realize is that we’re in a recession because of our spending and we have no money to spend!

They also want the government to prosecute anyone attempting to purchase weapons illegally because “The Department of Justice has not been prosecuting people who fail background checks at licensed gun dealers, leaving them free to buy from unlicensed sellers who don’t conduct checks – including largely anonymous Internet sales.” The problem with this is even with the already heavily regulated gun industry many are denied wrongfully. To create government policy to actively punish citizens attempting to purchase firearms illegally would be a financial burden on the American people by footing them the bill of investigating and bringing to trial a possible 69,191 cases annually or 899,099 over a decade. This is merely being pursued as a deterrent to scare would be gun buyers.

The last, but not least goal is to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment. they claim that it “restricts public access to crime gun trace data and makes it harder for law enforcement to crack down on gun traffickers.” The first statement is absolutely correct, but the second statement is not. The Tiarht Amendment does restrict the public’s access to these records. Most Americans would appreciate keeping their firearm purchases private. The prospect of stranger acquiring your gun information for whatever reason warrants the need for privacy. It’s not an unfair request to prevent your gun purchasing information from being acquired by anyone who submits a Freedom of Information request. What the Tiahrt Amendment prohibits is the ATF from releasing information stored in the firearms trace database to anyone, except for law enforcement agency or prosecutor in connection with a criminal investigation.

As you can see this campaign isn’t about protecting the American people as it is to knowing who has what and where! If America is to survive than we must draw the line here and let them go no further. Alone we are powerless, but together we shall overcome!

To finish this article off I give you Hollywood’s most hypocritical lap dogs!(Warning: Strong Language is used at the end)